Registration for SPEAK 2019 closed September 10. Anyone interested in late registration should email accordingly here. 

SPEAK 2019      

Registration                                                                    8:30-9:15 a.m.          MLK Room
Keynote by Dr. Randall Capps                              9:30 a.m.                      MLK Room
Workshop 1                                                                    10:30-11:20 a.m.     various
Workshop 2                                                                    11:30-12:20 p.m.     various
Networking Lunch                                                      12:20-1:00 p.m.        On own @ UK
Workshop 3                                                                      1:00-1:50 p.m.          various
Workshop 4                                                                      2:00-2:50 p.m.          various
Wrap-Up/Door Prizes                                                3:00-3:30 p.m.          MLK Room

 Our conference will be held at the  University of Kentucky in the Gatton Student Center.

Those of you who were at NewSPEAK or any of the three state KHSSL tournaments last year know this newly re-furbished building well.


10:30 AM

Coaching 101*                                                                               330A           
Michael Robinson, Murray High, and Katey Blood, Cooper High
Longtime coach Michael Robinson (2018-19 Kentucky NSDA Educator of the Year) and fifth-year coach Katey Blood (KHSSL Coach of the Year, 2019) team up for an introduction to coaching a speech and debate team with a pairing of perspectives that's sure to be a winning duo.   *Rookie Track

Extemporaneous Speaking NO FEAR                         330B                                          
Logan Scisco, Beechwood High
Extemp Central founder and multiple state champion/national finalist Logan Scisco reprises his popular course on how to guide students through the world of extemporaneous speaking.

Improv Reform: Yes And . . .                                               MLK Room                
Ed and Betsy Smith, KESDA
After twenty years as a high school event (and much longer as a junior event), it's time to re-examine Improv Duo as a contest and how it might be adjusted to better embody the spirit of true improv. Or not. Or to become two people trapped in an elevator every round. The Smiths will lead a discussion and, if deemed necessary, write proposed rule changes with the attendees. Yes. And?

11:30 A.M.

Adding Debate to Your Speech Program              330A                                  
Neomia Hagans Flores, Dunbar High
A coach with multiple top three team state finishes in both speech and debate, Flores shares from her shopping cart full of experience adding Debate to the already established Dunbar speech program and how to successfully manage both.

Finding and Cutting Scripts*                                              MLK Room                                                              
Katy Cecil, LaRue County High
In this course, Cecil will share methods to cut material into competition scripts (and to help students do so) as well as offer tips on how to find this material.  *Rookie Track

Junior Division, Junior United*                                         330B                                      
Rachel Retherford, Woodland Middle
Longtime coach Retherford addresses special challenges and cheers for coaching in the middle school (and younger!) grades in an informative session designed for rookie and experienced junior coaches.  *Rookie Track



1:00 P.M.

E-Forensics: Tabroom and the NSDA website*                                  330B                 
Rachel Page, Ryle High
Kentucky NSDA Chair Page walks coaches through the online side of teaching and coaching -- how to set up a team account on Tabroom and to use the site for registration at tournaments plus the NSDA website and all it offers (it's like having a free assistant coach who never goes off duty!).  *Rookie Track

Public Forum Debate:  An Introduction                                                     330A                                
Lisa Edmonds, Ryle High/Gray Middle
This session gives coaches an introduction to Public Forum debate -- to define the event, offer strategies, and discuss resources for both the new and experienced coach as well as teachers who wish to use this event in the classroom.

Speech Class 101*                                                                                                      MLK Room                                    
Steve Meadows, KHSSL
Danville High embraced the Common Core standards for Speaking and Listening by adding a ½ credit Speech course to its graduation requirements.  In 2019, the NSDA hired Steve Meadows to write up Danville's curriculum for the organization as its model course. This is one approach to teaching a basic speech course that helps students get over stage fright and also meet the CC Standards.   Classroom materials for all units are included for participants in this course (85 daily lesson plans, suggestions for an additional semester -- with online links to units and lessons for that term too).   *Rookie Track

2:00 P.M.

Developing Literacy Skills Through Speech and Debate*             330A
Janet Martin, Bowling Green High
​Martin presented this workshop at the 2018 Collaborative Center for Literacy Development Share Fair and repeats it here to explain how applying speech and debate to the classroom can improve literacy skills across the curriculum.  *Rookie Track

Fundraising and Forensics                                                                                MLK Room                                                 
Molly Seifert, Beechwood High
Armed with fresh new ideas, Molly will offer advice on easy ways to raise money to pay for transportation, entry fees, and supplies.

Write On, Speak On*                                                                                              330B                    
Amy Zuccaro, Trinity High School
Zuccaro teaches an introduction to speechwriting with points that lead to great conclusions!  *Rookie TrackType your paragraph here.


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