the Speech Professional Education Alliance of Kentucky


All attendees will have the opportunity to attend three of these workshops on Saturday.

Congressional Debate                                                                         Helen Williams, Hazard High

Congress guru Helen will initiate teachers and coaches into this debate activity -- useful for classroom units and for competition and one of the fastest growing events in Kentucky.  But no bribery or scandals or anything.

Duo Interpretation:  A Doubly Good Event                            Shellei Price, Boone County High
This duo class will be unlike any other!  A thrill ride through finding smart material that will make your teams leave a lasting impression. You will master the art of blocking scenes with pizazz!  Learn how to make your duo teams memorable and be competitive on both the state and national level.    Note:  Shellei coached a Duo team to NATIONAL FINALS (CFL) in 2016!

Extemporaneous Speaking NO FEAR                                        Logan Scisco, Danville High

Danville assistant coach  Logan Scisco reprises his popular 2012 course on how to guide students through the world of extemporaneous speaking.

Finding and Cutting Scripts                                                              Katy Cecil, LaRue County High

In this course, a repeat of one offered for the beginning coaches on Friday, Cecil will share methods to cut material into competition scripts (and to help students do so) as well as offer tips on how to find this material.  

Fundraising and Forensics                                                                 Molly Seifert, Beechwood High
Armed with fresh new ideas, Molly will offer advice on easy ways to raise money to pay for transportation, entry fees, and supplies.

Informative Speaking 101                                                                 Eric Cecil, LaRue County High

Eric will walk the class through the basics of how to help students research, write, and deliver speeches for Kentucky's experimental event for 2016-2017 (high school) with a special emphasis on visual aids in light of the students' experiences at 2016 NSDA Nationals.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate for Beginners                                    William Cooper, KHSSL

A thoughtful event and a thoughtful presentation about how to get started coaching the greatest event in forensics.  

Well, it's debatable.

Program Oral Interpretation How-Tos                                     Katy Cecil, LaRue County High
Katy will give an overview of what POI, the new Kentucky high school speech event,  is, what kinds of pieces can be used in POI, how to find pieces for POI, and how to splice the together into a comprehensive 10 minute selection.  She will share some of the POIs she has been working on since school began, and she will also have some source material so that participants can play around with doing some of their own splicing.  

Program Reviews and the Speech Team                                   Robin Glascock, Harrison County Middle
Harrison County Middle School Assistant Principal Robin Glascock will hold a session on how to use speech teams to help meet requirements of the Kentucky Program Reviews in Writing, Arts and Humanities, and Practical Living (as well as how to document what you are already doing to get credit in Program Reviews!).

Public Forum Debate:  An Introduction                                   Woody Zorn, Assumption High
This session will give coaches an introduction to Public Forum debate.  The goal of this session will be to define the event, offer strategies, and discuss resources for both the new and experienced coach as well as teachers who wish to use this event in the classroom.

Running a Speech Tournament                                                      Daniel Hamm, Assumption High

Host of the Rocket Invitational Daniel Hamm will share tips, experiences, and strategies for hosting and running a local speech tournament.
Speech Class in the Common Core                                              Steve Meadows, Danville High
Danville High embraced the Common Core standards for Speaking and Listening by adding a ½ credit Speech course to its graduation requirements.  This is one approach to teaching a basic speech course that helps students get over stage fright and also meet the CC Standards.   Classroom materials for all units are included for participants in this course.